Disposable Cloths
We supply a variety of disposable cloths, for a variety of purposes. We sell clothes in 10kg quantities for single use. All of our cloths are made from cotton and average a size of 30x30cm. 
Cotton Seconds $15/10kg + GST
These clothes are lint free, and are not suited as laundered clothes. 
Best suited for; Engineering suppliers, earth works, diesel mechanics and hydraulics. 
Mixed Cotton $18/10kg bag + GST
All purpose cotton cloth
Best suited for; Welders, Engineering suppliers, Plumbers, Waste disposal, Mechanics and Erath works. 
Tea Towel $20/10kg + GST 
Good general purpose cleaning cloth
Best suited for; Mechanics, mower stores and suppliers. 
Coloured T shirt $25/10kg + GST
Also a good general purpose cleaning cloth. 
Best suited for:  Cleaners, Detailers, Electrics, Hydraulics and Plumbers. 
White Cotton $35/10kg + GST
Lint free cotton cloths
Best suited for; Powder coaters, Printers, Engineers, Stainers, Glaziers, Cleaners, Auto electrics and Kitchen fabricators. 
Toweling Cloths $35/10kg + GST
A good cloth for industries that manage alot of excess liquid. 
Best suited for; Air conditioner repairers, Farmers, Plumbers and cleaners.